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Titty Tape Introduces a NEW Twist in Nipple Cover Technology!

Titty tape nipple pasties are sexy self adhesive nipple covers or "erotic clothing for your breasts". Nipple pasties are a fun adult novelty that adds a twist to any erotic clothing or lingerie outfit or costume. More than just plain nipple tape, titty tape nipple covers come in many shapes, colors and sizes to match your lingerie, erotic clothing or outfit. The nipple pasties are light weight and stick much better than the nipple covers of the past and since titty tape is self adhesive, there is no need for messy glue.....Just Peel off the nipple pasties and stick them on! The exotic nipple pasite design itself comes pre-slit for easy adjustment. So spice up your evening outfits, add dazzle to your favorite costume and flash to your fantasies with titty tape erotic breast nipple pasties!!

A far cry from nipple tape of the past, our nipple pasties come in a variety of pre-cut shapes, sizes and colors to add flair and pizzazz to every costume in your exotic clothing wardrobe. In the past stripers and exotic danecers had to either buy the expensive heavy nipple pasties that require glue, or purchase some vinyl tape from the dance club and cut the tape themselves to fit their own breasts. We thought.....HEY....wouldn't it be cool to have nipple tape that was pre-cut into a variety of shapes that would look cute on a nipple and add flash to an outfit? Titty tape exotic clothing for your nipples will do just that. We have 11 different adorable shapes to choose from and 5 dazzling available colors with more to come. Browse our online nipple pastie catalog to find just the right size, shape and color for you!!

Nipple pasties are a must have for strippers and exotic dancers requiring nipple covers in the workplace. Many strippers and exotic dancers who perform in lingerie or erotic clothing rely on breast pasties or nipple pasties to cover their nipples while dancing and performing. Exotic dancers need nipple coverage that is quick and easy to use that will stick to the nipple and not fall off as well as a product that is sexy with some flair that accents their taste in exotic clothing. Our nipple pasties give you just that..... affordable and practical nipple coverage that the stripper / exotic dancer can rely on and the winning touch to their erotic clothing and sexy lingerie that will make them stand out from the rest with style.

Our nipple pasties are made from a lightweight mylar poly vinyl material that has a self adhesive back. They are pre-cut and ready to stick on and designed to save the average stipper / exotic dancer valuable time. If applied to dry skin before perspiration starts, the nipple pasties should stay on all night with no problem. the pasties are easily removed at the end of the night by just peeling them off. Other more expensive nipple pasties are much heavier and require glue to apply.
This glue takes time to dry and often times does not stick to the nipple well enough to hold the pastie onto the breast. What a mess!!! Our exotic nipple pasties are the perfect easy to use solution for strippers and exotic dancers.

Note: Titty Tape nipple pasties are not for everyone. If you have pierced nipples or sensitive skin and experience allergic reaction or irritation, discontinue use immediately.

Affordable Coverage in a Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Colors

It's here.... It's Quick... It's Easy...

And Inexpensive !!


Stand Out In The Crowd

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