What is TittyTape?

TittyTape is a new breast lift tape made with a special adhesive that will keep your breasts lifted and give you the lift, shape, and cleavage you desire for any style of shirt, dress, costume, or bathing suit.

What makes TittyTape different?

TittyTape uses a special medical grade adhesive that gets stickier with heat and will hold any size or weight of breasts.  TittyTape uses an cotton elastic fabric that is designed to move with your body and breathe.

Should I buy TittyTape Shapes or TittyTape Lifts?

It is up to you!  TittyTape Shapes are designed to make it easy for you to stick and lift.  If you like to DIY or have an outfit with less fabric around the chest area, TittyTape Strips will give you the flexibility to create the shape and lift to suit whatever you are wearing.

What sizes does TittyTape Shapes come in?

TittyTape sizes are A-B,  C-D, DD-DDDD.

How long does TittyTape stay on?

TittyTape will stay on until you remove it.  We recommend wearing TittyTape for no longer than 6 hours at a time.

Can TittyTape be re-used?

Once TittyTape is stuck on the skin and removed, it cannot be re-used.

Can i cut my TittyTape?

Yes!  You can cut your TittyTape to suit your outfit.  

Can you swim or shower with TittyTape on?

TittyTape's adhesive will continue to stick when wet. 

What should i do if TittyTape is causing redness or itch?

All users must do TittyTape compatibility test that is enclosed in packaging prior to applying TittyTape.  If you  experience redness or itch, remove the TittyTape immediately. 

Do i have to wear the nipple covers under my TittyTape?

You do not have to wear the nipple covers under your TittyTape, but it is recommended and we provide a pair of nipple covers with every set of tape.

How should i prepare for TittyTape?

Make sure skin is clean and dry prior to using TittyTape.  Note that perfume, lotions, and spray tans will prevent TittyTape's adhesive from sticking.

How long should i keep TittyTape on?

We recommend that TittyTape is removed after approximately 6-8 hours. The more time you wear TittyTape, the stickier it will be.

How do i take TittyTape off?

Starting from the bottom, slowly peel back the tape.  Apply oil to the edge of tape and skin as you peel.  Push down on the breast as you peel up until TittyTape is removed.

Why won't my TittyTape stick?

Wet skin, perfume, lotions, and spray tans will prevent TittyTape's adhesive from sticking.

Can i get a fake tan with TittyTape?

No, a fake tan will prevent TittyTape from sticking on the skin.

Is TittyTape hypoallergenic?

Yes, TittyTape is hypoallergenic.

Can I return my TittyTape for a refund?

We do not currently do refunds for TittyTape.

Where can i buy TittyTape?

TittyTape is only sold online at TittyTape.com and is shipped worldwide.