*All users must read Safety Instructions enclosed in package, complete compatibility test, and read and terms on prior to use of TittyTape.

  • Make sure skin is clean and dry prior to using TittyTape. Note that perfume, lotions and spray tans will prevent TittyTape’s adhesive from sticking.
  • Apply nipple covers provided in packaging prior to applying your TittyTape.
  • Depending on the style or cut of your dress or shirt, you may want to trim the TittyTape. Put your outfit on and hold the Tittytape in place under your clothes so see where the TittyTape may show after you are dressed. TittyTape can be cut with small scissor after it has been applied if the tape is showing.


*Note that once TittyTape has been stuck on skin, it can not be re-stuck.  Please follow instructions and apply carefully.

  • Remove the backing of tape. For shapes, remove the bottom part of the shape tape below the proliferated line.
  • Place the bottom of the tape directly under your breast so the tape lines up with the crease between your breast and rib cage.
  • Slowly stick tape on bottom part of breast. Rub gently to affirm the adhesive.
  • If using shapes, remove the backing of the tape above the proliferated line. Pull the tape up to give your breast the desired lift.
  • Stick the top part of the tape on your skin. Smooth the tape with your finger and gently rub to affirm the adhesive.
  • Add additional strips of tape around breast to give full support & lift desired.


*If worn for 6+ hours, the tape will be stickier. Note that it is normal for red marks to appear due to body heat and they will fade in time. Use unscented oil or lotion to help with removal.

  • Starting from the bottom, slowly peel back the tape. Apply oil to edge of tape and skin as you peel.
  • Push down on the breast as you peel up until TittyTape is removed.